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Mark Walsh

Hi Gary, If your heater element shows a resistance between 10-14 Ohms, it may be fine. I would recommend calling our technical support at 800-823-3638, or contact us through Support@SpaDepot.com . We should be able to help you determine what is causing the problem, and get you the replacement parts to fix your spa! Thank you, Mark The Spa Depot

Dierdre S

I have had hot tubs for more than 30 years. My latest one is only 2 years old and I have been experiencing a problem I have never encountered before. Within a few days of cleaning out the tub and refilling it - the water was getting and STAYING cloudy - no matter what I used or how much I cleaned it. Water parameters were dead on - what the heck was the problem? This is only a 260 gallon tub and the high efficiency system has allowed us to use it almost every day since we got it. My honey has sensitive skin so I have been trying to find products that will allow him to "tub". After reading and reading, I finally think that the problem is the internal plumbing. I have purchased Sea Klear Spa System Flush and am anxiously waiting for the delivery. I am almost certain this is the cause - even today I did a pre-fill to run the system to "flush" it out. When we did the fill, there were "skins" of floating matter that had to have come from the plumbing. Will let you know how it turns out!

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