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Bonni Gessner

Hi Rita, Thank you for writing! That fact that the brown residue you are experiencing in your hot tub is sticky, leads me to believe that the issue may not have stemmed from the shock that was added to the water. Typically colored or sticky residues stem from organic matter contaminating your spa. I would recommend closely following these steps on decontaminating your hot tub: http://www.spadepot.com/spacyclopedia/spa-contamination.htm Please let me know if you have any further questions, or feel free to call and talk to one of our hot tub technicians: (800) 823-3638 M-F 8am-5pm Pacific. Thank you, Bonni The Spa Depot

Rita Molloy

I had some people using our home and hot tub. They put something in the hot tub that said shock 1 & 2 She said it was brown. Now we have this sticky brown stuff that sinks to the bottom of the hot tub but when they turn the hot tub on it makes the water brown. All the ph & others test perfect on the strips and the water is crystal clear when the motor is off for a while but we don''t know how to get rid of this brown stuff. I hope you can help :-)

Bonni Gessner

Hi Eileen, Thank you for writing. The spa does not need to operate 24/7. However, it does need to circulate, I recommend a minimum of two times a day, for two hours. Prior to leaving make sure that the water is balanced and shocked. If possible it is best to have someone check and maintain the sanitizer in the water while you are away or drain the spa until the next user. Thanks, Bonni The Spa Depot


Hi I have just bought a 4 person lay-z-spa in my holiday apartment. Between now and November the apt is intermittently occupied with the biggest gap of 4 weeks. I want to leave it up throughout this period but do I need to leave the filter on 24/7. I am not there to maintain it so will it be okay in the 4 week gap without filter and additional chemicals?

Bonni Gessner

Hi Rachel, With newer tubs, typically there is no way to completely turn off your hot tub heater from your topside control. If you are trying to cool your spa for summer I would recommend setting your filtration cycle to the lowest setting, and changing your spa to Economy mode. Economy mode will only allow your spa to heat only during the filtration cycle, which will be less frequent after you change the setting. If you have any further questions please feel free to give our technical department a call at your convenience: (800) 823-3638 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Pacific. Thanks, Bonni The Spa Depot


How can I turn the heater off for the summer? I have it turned as far down as the temp control allows which is 85, I think. Is there a way to turn just the heater off?

Bonni Gessner

Hi Kim, Thank you for checking with us! There are two common drain valves. With one design, you will need to pull the plug all the way out, hook up the hose, then push the valve in half way to start the flow of water. With the other common design, you simply hook up the hose, then unscrew the plug. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please feel free to call our tech support at 1-800-823-3638 M-F 8-5 Pacific. Thank you, Bonni The Spa Depot


after I hook up the hose, do I just turn the plug?

Bonni Gessner

Hi Joy, Great question! Since the spa is not being used it would be a good idea to drain it, blow out the plumbing with a wet/dry vac and clean the shell really well. This is essentially the same as winterizing your spa, you can follow these tips to properly drain and clean your spa: http://www.spadepot.com/spacyclopedia/winter.htm Please let me know if you have any additional questions! Thank you, Bonni The Spa Depot

Joy Benson

I have a hot tub that is not being used, but we want to keep it at the house for resale purposes. What is the best way to maintain it in the meantime? Should we drain it since it''s not being used?

Kaisa Williams

Hi Renee, Thank you for your comment. Great question! It is necessary to unplug and thoroughly drain the spa if you are going to be away for an extended period of time. Doing this will help preserve your equipment and keep bacteria and mold growth from rooting in and on the spa cover and other surfaces. Also, be sure to apply a generous amount of 303 Protectant to the spa cover vinyl to keep it from fading due to UV. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank you, Kaisa The Spa Depot


We are winter visitors in Arizona, and have purchased a hot tub this winter, we don''t have a monthly service, my question is, when we head back up north for the summer what should we do to prep our hot tub for the 100+ degree summer weather here?

Dierdre Strass

I have started doing weekly 10% water changes this winter to cut down on the TDS. We use the tub about 5-6 times a week year ''round. With my other, older tubs I couldn''t afford to keep at temperature and it was used a lot less. I also used liquid shock which helped to keep water clearer. Unfortunately, my newest tub the shock I use only comes in a powder. So I am hoping these weekly changes keep the water clearer longer. I like doing it this way as we add hot water provided from our outdoor furnace and we don''t run up the electric bill. Also, we aren''t battling our frigid temps this winter as much doing this!

Mark Walsh

Hi, Thank you for writing! Considering how often you use your hot tub, and how long the tub sits unattended, draining and refilling it each time does make the most sense. Hope this helps! Thank you, Mark The Spa Depot


I have a hot tub and use it maybe once a month if that. Its a summer home and we use it more often in the winter. We have been draining it after we leave and whenever we come to stay and expect to use it, we fill it. My guess we use it 10 times a year. Does it make sense to do this?

Mark Walsh

Hi Mark, Thank you for your comment! As long as your hot tub has a circulation system that includes a filter cartridge, and you maintain a water treatment schedule, draining should only be necessary every 60-90 days. Managing a hot tub is fairly simple once you get a few basic procedures down. Some key routine maintanence steps include: 1. Getting a water treatment kit that includes all products necessary to maintain and balance your water chemistry. 2. Treating & balancing your hot tub water once it''s filled. 3. Weekly testing of your hot tub water. 4. Adding chemicals depending on your test strip reading. 5. Shocking after each spa use. 6. Cleaning your filter cartridge at the same time you change your hot tub water. Our technical team would be more than happy to help you with all of your hot tub questions. Please feel free to give us a call at your convenience: 800-823-3638. Also, here is a link to our SpaCyclopedia which includes pages about every subject related to hot tub care: http://www.spadepot.com/hot-tub-spa-information.htm Please let me know if you have any additional questions! Thank you, Mark The Spa Depot

Mark Gill

Hi just bought a lazy spa 4 people model. I have no idea at present how to manage it. The instruction book says drain it after 3 days which appears a bit excessive. Think this may be if not using any chemicals? Any ideas

Mark Walsh

Hi Laurie, The first thing I would recommend is that you go through the decontamination process. We provide the directions here: http://www.spadepot.com/spacyclopedia/spa-contamination.htm Considering how many users your hot tub has, you want to make sure the sanitizer is always at the proper level. You can review the guidelines on how to properly balance your water on this page: http://www.spadepot.com/spacyclopedia/spa-chemistry.htm Please let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks! Mark The Spa Depot


Hi Mark, We have a lake cottage with a hot tub. We rent out the cottage for the majority of the summer season. The cottage will sleep up to 15 people and although I am not there each week to take a head count; I will bet the hot tub is often filled to the maximum capacity! We have a maintenance man clean the hot tub each week. He also checks for PH balance, cleans the filter, shocks it, etc. Unfortunately, we had one issue last year with renters obtaining folliculitis, and now another incident last week. I have no idea what type of care goes into ensuring the hot tub is maintained, hence our hiring someone else to do it. Still, I want to be sure all is being done so everyone enjoys their stay to the max. Can you please provide some guidelines as to our hot tub''s care? Scrubbing/vacuuming, shocking, PH testing, filter cleaning, emptying, etc. I am ready to order whatever products necessary to ensure this will not happen, again! Thanks! Laurie

Mark Walsh

Hi Dale, Yes, spa water is safe to drain on lawns as long as chemicals (such as bromine or chlorine) have not been added to the spa in at least 1-2 days. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Dale Gordichuk

water from tub good or bad for lawn or scrubs


Thank you Jenne! We appreciate you sharing your tips and routine!


We''ve had our hot tub for 8 years. If there is one thing I hate it''s when the water isn''t crystal clear, or when it foams. I have learned that balancing the hardness after establishing the proper pH is the single most effective tool for maintaining proper balance. It''s also very important to use an oxidizing activator frequently. We both use our tub at least once a day (sometimes 2x), so that''s 8-10 hours of use per week. It takes about 3 minutes a week to test and chemically adjust water balances. We change our filters once a month (We use a 3 set system so that the cleaned set gets a chance to fully dry before installing). We drain and fill the tub 4 times a year (when we change the thermo cartridge). We like using a 5hp pump instead of the drain valve, and the whole process including a good scrub down takes about 2 hrs. We also use our tub nude, because it''s in a nice private place and suits don''t play well with jets. Material bits and fuzz also clog filters. We also take quick showers (rinse offs, really) before and after to keep oil and grime out of the tub and chemicals off our skin. Works for us!


My pleasure John! My hours are 8-5 pacific time. Hot tubs are outstanding for general soreness from years of bad choices (sounds like some fun bad choices by the way!) They''re also great after anything physical; working out, snowboarding, mountain biking, etc. The list is basically endless! I look forward to talking with you.


That awesome thanks, I''m caught up in a massive project at work but when I get a chance I will definately give you a call (I''ve been browsing your site when I have to take a break for a bit.) I think a hot tub would be just the thing to help me deal with the results of years of bad choices when I was younger (just a piece of advice, while jumping out of airplanes and repelling out of helicopters sounds like a good idea when your 18 things like this catch up with you later in life. lol!)

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