Show Your Spring Hot Tub – WIN the New Toss & Go Spa Shock Pods! (Closed)

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Thank you for your interest, this contest is now closed.

Spring has finally arrived and we have an exciting contest for you!

Post a picture of your Spring  Hot Tub on our Facebook page, and you could win a FREE 10 count container of the new SeaKlear Spa Shock Pods!

SeaKlear Spa Pods Shock Oxidizer eliminates odors including chlorine smell and help to keep your spa crystal clear.

The easy-to-use Toss & Go pods are pre-measured and quick dissolving. These pods use active oxygen (not chlorine) to remove organic contaminants and residues from body lotions, cosmetics, hair products, oils, and perspiration.


Use one pod before or after use, and at least once per week, per package directions. Sea Klear Spa Pods Shock Oxidizer also controls the formation of odor-causing chloramines and helps to reduce spa sanitizer demand. Now periodic shocking is the easiest part of your spa maintenance routine!

To enter, post a photo of your hot tub on our Facebook page. Contest ends on 3/27. We will select one lucky winner to receive a FREE 10 count container!

Happy Spring Hot Tubbing!


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