What is a Hot Tub UV-C Sanitizer & How Does it Keep My Spa Clean?

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Efficient and low maintenance, UV-C treatment is a growing trend in hot tubs, and for good reason! Ultraviolet light has proven to be a highly successful method of disinfecting water for over 60 years, and is also used in  water treatment plants, aquariums, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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The UltraRay UV-C purifier sanitizes spa water by permanently damaging the DNA of bacteria and other microbes that may be present, so they can’t reproduce. The UV unit is so effective in destroying bacteria that it cuts down on hot tub chemical usage by up to 50%, in addition to reducing the odors and irritation from chlorine by-products.


UV-C purifying systems work differently from ozonators, a common water treatment option on new spas. While ozone gas can be an effective treatment in spas, ozonators decrease in effectiveness over time and can damage gaskets, seals, and spa covers in high doses.


With The UltraRay UV-C Spa Purification System, all of the damage to microbes happens within the purification chamber, and no chemicals or gasses are emitted in the process, leaving cleaner, clearer hot tub water without harsh side effects. The only maintenance required is an annual UV-C bulb change, taking only a few minutes and screw driver.

The All-New Belize UltraRay spa series comes standard with this innovative UV-C technology plus ozone in the UltraRay Complete unit.


Do you have a question about UltraRay Spas or UV-C Purification Systems? Post a comment below!


  1. Thanks for this detailed information on UV purification. I hadn’t realized that the process involves breaking the DNA chain of bacteria, so it is great to learn something new! I also like the fact that this type of purification process is natural and cuts down on chemical use – that just has to be better for our homes and families – thanks again!


  2. How do you check to see if the bulb is still functioning properly??? We bought a brand new tub from you about 4 months ago??


  3. Hi Jen,
    You can easily tell if the unit UltraRay UV-C is working by looking at the ballast (small box attached to the cord). There are two indicator lights on the ballast that should both be illuminated if everything is working properly. The green light indicates that the unit has power, and the red light indicates that the bulb is functioning.
    If you need help with any of this, please call our technical support at (800) 823-3638, M-F 6am-5pm Pacific. They would be happy to walk you through it or help with any water chemistry issues.


  4. Very helpful blog. My hot tub has this chamber weld broken and all the tub water is flowing out. How easy is it to replace this chamber? Also, I am in Canada and cannot find this chamber anywhere online. Plus, this COVID isn’t helping either.


  5. Hi,
    Replacing the camber is not overly difficult, but finding the correct replacement can prove difficult. The best bet is to replace the UV-C system as a unit, so you can be sure everything is going to work. In Canada, you should be able to find a Jacuzzi dealer, and they can sell you the whole replacement set.



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