Can Your Hot Tub Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions?

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We all make New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions, but often only get a few weeks into the New Year before falling back into our old ways.

This year, let your favorite part of your home – the hot tub – encourage you to keep those resolutions and have a healthier, happier year!

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Be More Active

Many of us set goals to get off the couch and move more for the New Year. Sore muscles and fatigue are often part of increased activity levels.

Relax after a workout by unwinding in the spa. The hot water will help remove the lactic acid build-up in the muscles that causes post-workout soreness.


Get a Better Night’s Sleep

It’s no secret that time in the spa is relaxing, but did you know it can contribute to deeper, more restful sleep as well? Soaking in hot water reduces stress, anxiety, aches & pains, so you can fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

For even more relaxation before bed, add soothing aromatherapy scents to your hot tub. Lavender, vanilla and chamomile are popular nighttime fragrances.


Get Organized

While your hot tub may not reorganize any closets or file receipts, you can simplify your life with an afternoon of organization.

Using adhesive labels, mark the bottle tops of hot tub treatments with dosages and how often to use. Put all of your chemicals in a safe, dry location that is safe from freezing temperatures. Read more about storage and organizing your chemicals with How to Properly Store Hot Tub Chemicals.


Save Money

Keep costs down on your utility bill by making sure your hot tub is energy efficient. A few quick fixes:

  • Close air valves after spa use to keep cold air out
  • Keep filters clean, reducing pump strain & inefficiency
  • Keep spa cover tightly closed and straps in place when the spa is not in use
  • Use a floating blanket to reduce evaporation

Spend More Time with Loved Ones

If you are looking for a way to reduce screen time and have more quality time, the hot tub is a great way to reconnect with a partner, child or friend. Try setting aside a day each week to have soaking time with your loved ones.

Even if you didn’t set any new goals this year, you don’t need a New Year’s Resolution to spend more time in your hot tub!

Comment below if you are incorporating your hot tub in your resolutions this year, or if you have any questions!

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