7 Ways to Make Winter Hot Tubbing More Enjoyable (You Won’t Believe #2)

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Hot tubbing in the winter can be an enjoyable or miserable experience, depending on how you approach it. With a little planning and prep work, you can treat yourself to the ultimate luxury that few get to experience.

Here are 7 things you can do to enhance your winter tubbing experience. Heck, some may even make you feel like a kid again!

1. wear proper headgear
beanie hat

Whether it’s a woolen beanie or waterproof hat, headgear is critical to keep your melon warm and dry. There’s nothing worse than a nice warm body and cold wet hair.

If you live where it rains a lot, a good rain hat is a must!

2. make snow angels
snow angel

OK, not for everyone, but it is for the adventurous. Soak until you get hot, then jump out into the snow and roll around! The sensation of re-entering the tub after is out of this world.

3. enjoy a hot beverage
steaming cup of coffee

Whether it’s a coffee, hot chocolate, hot cider, or a hot buttered rum, take a few minutes to make a beverage before getting in the tub. Hey, you wouldn’t want to get dehydrated, would you?

4. umbrella time
spa umbrella

Even with a good hat, sometimes an umbrella is handy, especially when you’re cooling down. Large golf umbrellas or even a whole hot tub umbrella really lets you extend your time in the tub.

5. Dress for the trek
slip on snow boots

In summer, flip flops and swimsuits work great for trekking out to the tub. In winter though, a little more thought should go into clothing choices. Try a fluffy robe and warm, slip on  boots. Getting cold after getting out of the tub is such a buzzkill.

6. Keep your towels dry
2 bath towels

Again, getting cold after getting out of the tub is such a bummer. Keeping your towels dry and fluffy is so important. If you can’t figure out any other way, simply put them in a plastic bag until you’re ready to use them.

7. dial back the jets
underwater spa jets

Bringing relief to aching joints and muscles is what it’s all about, especially in winter, but be careful. Those jets are drawing cool air into the water, and eventually you could end up with a “not-so hot tub”.

Pro Tip: If your spa has adjustable jets, try turning the pressure down and closing air control valves. Also, if your spa is equipped with a blower, leave it off. You’ll find these tips make the water stay hot much longer.

Wintertime spa use presents a number of unique challenges, but most will agree, it’s so worth it. Do you have a tip or other winter hot tub advice? Let us know below!

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