2020 Gift Guide for Hot Tub Owners

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The ultimate list of gifts for hot tub (or bathtub) users!

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list is a lot of pressure during the Christmas holidays. Let our list of the top gifts for hot tub lovers make their day a little brighter and your season full of warm cheer!

Hot Tubs

Get yourself (and the family) what they really want, a brand new hot tub!

1. LifeCast Spas – Our high quality, low cost spas are comparable to popular name brands you’ll find at brick and mortar stores, but without the huge markup! These custom made spas feature indestructible rotationally molded resin shells and cabinets. Included with every spa: Ozone Purification System + Antimicrobial Filters, which keeps the water crystal clear with fewer chemicals so you can spend less time on maintenance and more time relaxing.

Maintenance - Spa and Pool Net

Spa maintenance can be daunting, but here are some of our time-saving tools to help.

2.  Spa and Pool Net – Extendable from 34” to 58”, this telescoping pole is a great tool for every spa and pool owner. The 34” length is ideal for reaching all sides of the spa without extending yourself too much.

3.  Hot Tub Draining Pump – Waiting around for your spa to drain is, well, draining. With our draining pump you’ll be able to dramatically reduce the time it takes to empty the spa, and who doesn’t want that?


Help that special someone enjoy their nightly soak even more with some aromatherapy!

4.  Holiday scents last about as long as the typical soak time so give them several scents for a different experience each time they get in the spa or bath!

  • Sugar Cookie – This classic holiday scent brings the sweet smell of baking to your hot tub without any overpowering perfumes.
  • Candy Cane – This traditional holiday peppermint scent is mild yet perfect for relaxing.
  • Holiday Spice – A familiar holiday fragrance that reminds us of spiced apple cider!
  • Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin Spice scent with a vanilla undertone that balances it out.
Entertainment - Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

For those fun-seekers, these entertainment gifts can provide hours of good times!

5.  Waterproof Playing Cards – For classic game lovers young and old, this tropical themed pack of cards is a great stocking stuffer. These 100% vinyl cards and shatterproof case will withstand the test of time in and out of the spa.

6.  Wireless Speaker & Underwater Light Show – Bring music and dazzling lights into any hot tub or pool! Bluetooth compatible with up to 6 hours of music and lights!

Accessibility - SpaCaddy

These gifts are great to give to the hot tub owner who needs a shelf nearby or a step up into their spa.

7.  Spa Caddy – Having beverages, towels and snacks within reach is always the best bet. This attachable shelf swings toward and away from the spa for easy access. Fits virtually any spa shape!

8.  DuraStep II – Getting into and out of the spa is easy with these made in the USA steps. These are quickly assembled, fit straight or curved tubs and have a 700 lb. weight capacity.

gift guide for hot tub owners
Everything the hot tub user wants and needs!

All orders over $100 ship free; and other than all our custom-made spas and hot tub covers, we ship things the same day you order them!

This is our list of best gifts for hot tub owners and should put you at the top of their list as the ‘favorite gift giver!’ I hope this SpaDepot.com Gift Guide has inspired your shopping list this holiday.

If you have any suggestions on other products we carry that would be a good fit on this Gift Guide, let us know in the comments below!

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