5 Easy Ways to Cut Your Hot Tub Operating Costs That Will Have You Laughing All the Way to the Bank

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“I love spending all of my hard earned money trying to keep my spa working!” – said no one, ever.


1. Big name chemicals cost more – 

When buying your spa chemicals, pay attention to the active ingredient percentage on the bottle. For example: Spa Choice brand chlorine has the same potency as expensive brands, but costs about half as much. This is also true for bromine and virtually all sanitizing products. By shopping this way you can save about 50% on your spa chemicals every year.

2. Don’t fall for the gimmicks –

There are a ton of spa & pool companies out there that claim to have “the secret” to total spa water balance all in one bottle. The ingredients are top secret and the price is through the roof. Unfortunately the magical elixir they are claiming to have for sale does not exist. Sometimes, these types of products may even contain elements that are actually damaging to spa equipment, like hydrogen peroxide.

3. A good security blanket –

Evaporation is a leading cause of heat loss in spas, and therefore one of the main factors that determine how much your spa costs to run. The addition of a ThermoFloat Blanket eliminates steam rising up from the water surface and evaporating, providing phenomenal energy savings and also a barrier, keeping chemical vapor from accumulating on the spa cover. Floating blankets are an inexpensive investment, starting at just around $20, and come in all different sizes.

4. Run for cover –

One of the best ways to cut the cost of your hot tub is to invest in a good quality spa cover. Online stores that advertise “Spa Covers for $199” are offering products with low quality foam that absorbs water rapidly, and will not last. A heavy, water-saturated spa cover has no heat retention (R-value) and is basically allowing your money to escape right out of the hot tub. High density virgin aquatic grade foam is key for a long lasting spa cover. These also save a lot of money by maintaining water temperature, thereby allowing the hot tub to run less often.

5. Come again? –

Coupon deals are gaining popularity again with price conscious consumers. SpaDepot.com provides lots of coupons and discounts on Facebook and through the newsletter.

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