6 Options for Creating the Ultimate Private Backyard Escape

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Your backyard, no matter how big or small, can be a sanctuary. The place you go to unwind after a long day, or to relax on the weekend. But if you have close neighbors, you know that privacy can be hard to come by. As larger homes are being crammed together on ever-smaller lot sizes, our solitude is becoming endangered. We don’t want unfamiliar eyes on us while we are trying to enjoy a soak in our hot tub or sip a drink in our lawn chair. So, we’ve tackled the privacy problem head on and found 6 great options to help you make your unique space perfectly private.

Privacy Enclosures

Depending on the level of privacy you are looking for, you might consider an enclosure. These provide optimal privacy by shielding your hot tub area from view. Similar to a gazebo, enclosures help to establish a serene environment and provide shade during hot days. A little known benefit is that privacy enclosures also save energy by acting as a wind break. This helps your spa maintain heat, allowing it to run less often.

Benefits of Enclosures

  • optimum privacy
  • energy savings
  • shade for daytime spa use

Building a Privacy Fence

A fence can take your backyard from zero to exceptional in a weekend. Often times the most time consuming part is deciding what style of fence to build. The two most popular privacy fence designs are:

Standard Privacy Fence

  • tightly spaced fence boards
  • provides complete privacy
  • good noise reduction
  • provides wind break

Shadow Box Privacy Fence

  • aka the “good neighbor fence”
  • identical front and back appearance
  • allows some visibility at side angles
  • provides air circulation

If you have decided that a wood fence is the right option for you, these videos (made by The Home Depot fence building experts) will help you step by step with how to plan and build your fence.

Plant a Living Fence

Although probably not our first inclination when planning a fence, a living fence is an ideal alternative to lumber for people who want to maintain a greener space. Natural fences last longer too! Trees and shrubs provide sanctuary for wildlife like birds and butterflies as well as reduce noise pollution. Great candidates for living fences are fast growing evergreens like:

These are common variety trees & shrubs that are seasonally available at most home & garden supply stores, like The Home Depot. Be sure to plan ahead. The best time to plant trees is generally late winter or early spring. See this detailed guide for tree planting.

Dress up an Existing Fence

Give your old or unattractive chain link fence a facelift by adding beautiful climbing greenery. Several varieties of trailing vegetation also provide gorgeous long-lasting blossoms which will provide an eye-catching splash of color within your space. Here are the top 5 most popular varieties:

Hanging Outdoor Curtains

Incorporating curtains into your outdoor space establishes a cohesive flow to your home, adding a touch of the cozy inside feel to the fresh air of your backyard, meanwhile providing as much privacy as you need. An ingenious idea of using painter’s drop cloths for curtains has recently popped up on style blogs around the world. This idea is gaining wide appeal, in part, because drop cloths are so inexpensive (often less than $10) and come in attractive neutral tones. Check out this great tutorial on how to make your own drop cloth curtains (pictured above). Because drop cloths come pre-hemmed, there is little-to-no sewing required. They make very charming indoor curtains as well!

Pre-Built Privacy Screens

This is the quickest solution. Premade ready-to-order screens are available online for between $200-$400 and come in a variety of colors and styles.


  • easy set-up
  • portable
  • comes in many styles


  • limited privacy span
  • not stable in wind
  • shorter longevity

We would love to hear how these tips helped you tackle your privacy problem. Or, if you created your own unique solution, post about it here!

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