The 5 Reasons You NEED a Hot Tub Cover

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For most of life’s great amenities, there’s a necessary but often overlooked accessory.  Got a new iPhone?  Spend the money and get that protective case.  New bike?  Get a lock.  New laptop?  A sturdy and reliable carry bag.


But nowhere is the need to protect your investment more crucial than with your hot tub.  Too many hot tub owners worldwide spend the (very worthwhile) money to install this relaxing and enjoyable perk, only to watch time and the elements slowly destroy it, all while wasting money on electricity and chemicals- not to mention endangering their families. This may seem overly dramatic, but a hot tub without a cover is like…well, a convertible car without one.  Here’s why:

Energy costs

“Close the door?  You wanna heat the whole neighborhood?”  Angry parents across the climate-controlled world have used this adage to remind us that heat allowed to escape is heat wasted.  This applies even more to hot tubs.

The amount of energy needed to heat water that’s been left uncovered comes directly from your pocket, as does the cost of replacing components worn from unnecessary overuse.  So cover the hot tub.  You wanna relax the whole neighborhood?


This one should be obvious.  An outdoor hot tub is an open invitation for every kind of environmental debris one can think of.  Leaves, dirt, insects, and whatever’s in the rain are not part of the ideal hot tub recipe.

Human bodies soak in hot tub water; therefore it should be as clean as bath tub water.  Again, the cost of not taking this simple precaution eventually leaves the wallet unnecessarily light.

Sun Damage

Less obvious is the slow deterioration of a hot tub’s acrylic shell and exterior due to prolonged sun exposure.  In this case, the cover is a long-term investment.  After only a few years, sun-induced fading becomes very noticeable.

A good cover should also include skirts, flaps of vinyl that hang around the exterior of the tub to protect the outside as well as the interior.  A hot tub’s lifespan depends in large part on this simple step.


One tends not to think of hot tubs as being dangerous the way pools are.  Yet both are an accident waiting to happen if not properly secured.  A child or pet can easily drown in only a few feet of water.

That’s why it is imperative to not only have a hot tub cover that fits well, but is secure.  Many come with locks to completely ensure that no unauthorized (or unsupervised) kids or critters make it into the tub.  There is no good reason not to take so simple and crucial a precaution as this.

Chemical Costs

pH and alkalinity balance are delicate things.  The elements can wreak a daily havoc on a hot tub (not to mention a wallet) when allowed to factor into the chemical equation.

Chemical costs add up in a big way over time, as does damage to the tub itself due to low pH and other chemical imbalances.  Make the smart investment.

Fitting the Hot Tub Cover

Understanding the importance of a hot tub cover is only the first step; finding one with the proper fit is just as important.  An ill-fitting cover is just as useless as no cover at all.

When ordering a new or replacement cover, it’s vital to take accurate measurements as the slightest gaps can allow debris or chemical intruders into the water.  A decent tape measure and a carpenter’s square for rounded corners will ensure the right cover for the job.


  1. My landlord broke the hot tub cover then had the neighbor cut it into a million pieces with a saw. She has left the debris in our yard for going on four months now. It is spilling over onto our deck because rainwater continues to collect as well as slugs and nastiness. The deck is very slippery with the cold weather and we are afraid of falling in. She refuses to do anything and actually wants us to drain it for her as a regular chore. Have you ever heard anything like this and what can we do? I would like to report her to the insurance agency, but don”t know who that is.


  2. Hot tub covers are an excellent way to keep your unit free of debris and protect it from the outdoor elements.This is where a hot and spa tub cover lifter comes in handy and could very well become your best friend. Once installed a cover lifter turns cover removal into a one-person job, not a four-person one. Now get a spa cover with extended life 5 year warranty at online stores.


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