Searching for Experienced Workers

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When our company started in 1997, we were packing orders in a single car garage and our “call center” was a computer desk cramped spare bedroom. In the beginning, it wasn’t certain that the business would make it. The Internet was new and unfamiliar to most people, who the heck would order a hot tub online?


Flash forward 16 years and, still a family owned business, is now operating a 35,000 square-foot warehouse and growing at an annual double-digit rate. The problem now is not lack of business; it is difficulty finding computer skilled and experienced workers to fill new jobs within our growing company.

We currently have two positions available: an entry-level warehouse job that starts at $10+ per hour and a warehouse management position that pays an annual salary of $35-$40K plus additional benefits including generous bonuses, a profit sharing plan and a 401K.

Are you or someone you know a computer skilled and experienced warehouse worker? Click to learn more about our job opportunities! Check out our story featured on the front page of The Olympian

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