6 Hot Tub Items That Make Maintenance Easier

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We all enjoy getting into our hot tubs to have a nice relaxing soak, but keeping a spa enjoyable does require some maintenance. Hot tub up-keep can seem like a real chore if you are not equipped with the right products, so I’ve put together a list of 6 items that will allow you to spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your hot tub.

1.) An Easier Way to Remove Dirt & Debris

The Shake-a-Vac II can be used to easily and quickly remove debris from the bottom of your hot tub. This tool can also be used to effortlessly drain water from your spa. Benefits:

  • Works similarly to a siphon, all you have to do is shake it to start.
  • Saves water and chemicals, thus saving your money.
  • No awkward hoses or bags to empty.

2.) Prevent Cloudiness & Scum Lines

Zorbo hot tub & pool oil scum absorber

The Zorbo absorbs oil scum and lotion residues out of the water, without soaking up the water itself.

  • Helps prevent cloudy water or foaming.
  • Is an Earth-friendly product, does not use chemicals.
  • Allows you to keep your water clearer and cleaner longer, while using less chemicals.

3.) Easier Water Maintenance

EZ Spa Total Care contains a clarifier, oxidizer, scale & stain inhibitor, water conditioner, and balancer. Used weekly, you’ll find water chemistry to be a breeze.

EZ Spa Total Care

  • For use with sanitizer of your choice –  bromine, chlorine, ozone, or mineral sanitizers.
  • Use only once per week.
  • Prevents cloudy water, phosphates & scummy buildup.
  • You don’t have to use multiple chemical treatments, its all in this formulation.

4.) The Only Easy Way to Deep-Clean

Cleans hot tub spa plumbing
Spa System Flush

Spa System Flush cleans the inside of your plumbing system removing the gunk that you can’t see.

  • Can prevent build up inside your plumbing that could reduce water circulation and jet flow.
  • Lessens the chance of potentially costly repairs.
  • Keeps scale buildup from forming on your heater element.
  • Prolongs the life of your filter.

5.) Automatic Filter Cleaner

The Blaster Automatic Filter Cleaner cleans your filters for you, eliminating the need to do it by hand.


  • Less mess, less work for you.
  • Rotates filter while jets spray water, penetrating the filter pleats.
  • Cleaning filters prolongs the life of the filter.
  • Helps eliminate bacterial breeding.

6.) Antimicrobial Filters


Microorganisms that come into contact with Microban filter media can no longer grow or reproduce.

  • Prolongs your filters life.
  • Helps prevent cloudiness.

Hot tubs are meant for relaxation. Help keep it that way with products that make maintaining your hot tub a breeze!


  1. Thanks Bonni for introducing these items. Looks like cleaning my spa is going to be easier now. I usually clean the spa using the traditional methods but looks like its time to start using latest equipment for spa cleaning. I have many spa products in my place but they don”t help in cleaning the spa. I am surely going to any two of the above.


  2. We bought our first hot tub this past year. Setup was completed about mid September. We tried bromine first. My husband was allergic to bromine so we switched to Soft Soak. We have only had this system for three weeks. I opened the spa to do the weekly maintenance and it has an unpleasant smell. I am getting frustrated. Please advise.


  3. Hi Donna, Thank you for writing! Unpleasant smells are usually caused by an insufficient sanitizer levels. Making sure you always have enough sanitizer in the water is very important to keep your water clear and smelling great. I would also recommend using a different sanitizing system than the Soft Soak. That is a Hydrogen Peroxide based system. Systems like that can require expensive companion products, and can be hard on your jets and pump seals. I would recommend changing sanitizers to either Cleanwater Blue or Nature2. Both Cleanwater Blue and Nature2 work using silver and copper ions. They”re very effective at killing bacteria, and they will not cause damage to any of your spas components. In this link you will find information on both systems, so you can make the best decision: http://www.spadepot.com/shop/Alternative-Sanitizers-W17.aspx If you have additional questions feel free to call me at 800-823-3638 x908 M-F 8am-5pm Pacific Time. Thanks again, Mark The Spa Depot


  4. Hi
    I just bought my first hot tub , i’m so confused about the chemicals . Can anyone give me a routine chemical program to go by ? I understand the test strips and adjust the PH-Alkaline- but how often do I add everything else , Protect Plus-Calcium Booster-Enzyme – I have been having a lot of foaming also . I’m just very confused


  5. Hi Terry,
    Thank you for checking with us! The best way to approach it is by level of importance. Always be sure to maintain the proper amount of sanitizer and shock treatment. After that, all you’ll have to do is make sure you control your water’s balance, which is the pH and Alkalinity. I highly recommend you have a look at our “ABC’s of Water Chemistry”, available on this link – http://www.spadepot.com/spacyclopedia/spa-chemistry.htm .
    Also keep in mind that things like Protect, clarifiers, enzyme products, those may be necessary and may not be necessary. If you have additional questions about chemistry, you’re welcome to call us directly at 800-823-3638. Our office is open from 6am-5pm, Pacific Time.
    I hope this helps!
    Thank you,


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