Decorating Your Hot Tub Space: Painted Terra Cotta Pots DIY

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Adding a personalized touch to your patio can be a great way to make your spa area even more enjoyable. I decided to spruce up our patio space with some colorfully painted terra cotta pots.

Supplies for painting Terra Cotta Pots DIY

Supplies you will need:

  • Terra Cotta Pots – I picked out a couple different sizes for variation.
  • A painter’s cloth or old sheet you can lay down to protect your work area.
  • Paint – choose your favorite colors!
  • Painters tape to create fun designs on your pots.
  • Paint brushes – I used two different sizes.

To Begin:

I started by applying a white base coat to my terra cotta pots so that the colors I chose would really pop. The easiest and quickest way to do this is by using a flat white spray paint/primer. Tip: The spray paint can get a little messy. It is important to choose a well ventilated area away from anything else the paint could stick to.

Now the fun part: designing and adding color to your pots! Get Creative! I chose my favorite colors – mint green, carnation pink and gold.

Decorate your hot tub space with your favorite colors

Using the painters tape, I taped off the designs I had envisioned for my pots and got started painting, using both gold spray paint and brushing on latex paint.

Tape your pots with painters tape to create fun designs

Tip: If you are planning on using two or more colors on a pot, using the tape will allow you to do this without accidentally mixing your colors.


For extra color I chose to paint the inside of my pots as well.

Fill Your Pots!

Once your paint has dried, choose some fun plants that will add some variety to your space. For my spa side decorative plants I chose a mixture of succulents and cacti.


Last but not least, choose where to enjoy your newly painted pots! I chose the bistro table beside the spa so the pots could be seen while relaxing in the hot tub.

Turn your hot tub space into your favorite area by adding this fun DIY! Have questions or ideas about decorating your outdoor area? Comment Below!


  1. Nicely painted pots that adore your patio. Great workshop on pot decoration here, very nice to read it. What is nice that your done it neat, no mess, lots of us beginners get messy painting even though we are not kids. This is a good warm to warm up our creativity.


  2. I agree, Maria, those pots are beautiful, and the instructions on how to create such designs are also very clear. I have found that it can also be a good idea to add some lacquer or other form of sealant coating to the paint surface to minimize flaking…of course using good quality paint helps as well! Thanks for showing us your work.


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