5 Simple Hot Tub Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew About Earlier!

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Even seasoned hot tub owners miss out on things that can make ownership easier. Here are 5 simple things you may not have heard about, plus a cheeky little bonus!

1. Rotate Filters With Backups When Cleaning.

Having two filters on hand, one in the spa and a clean, dry spare means you’ll never have to wait to use your spa because of a dirty filter. Remove the dirty filter and rinse thoroughly, being careful to spray between the pleats. Soak the filter in a 5-gallon bucket of cleaning solution overnight or according to the instructions on the package. You can now install your clean spare while the dirty one is soaking. After soaking, rinse again and set aside to dry completely. With this method, your filters will last much longer.

Clean filter next to a bottle of Power Soak filter cleaner
Keeping a clean, dry spare filter on hand means you don’t have to wait to use the tub when it’s time to clean filters!

2. Remove Cover For 20 Minutes After Adding Chemicals.

The best way to maximize the longevity of your cover and spa pillows is to leave the cover off of the spa after adding chemicals. This allows for potentially corrosive gasses to be released, instead of attacking the softer vinyl and plastic components.

Here’s a quick tip to see how well you’re doing: open your cover and compare the colors on the bottom side. It’s time to re-evaluate your water maintenance regimen if the edge areas that sit against the tub shell are darker in color than the center of the cover.

Spa venting corrosive gasses with cover open
Keeping the cover open for 20-30 minutes after adding chemicals will make the cover and pillows last much, much longer.

3. Lubricate Top Valve O-Rings Yearly.

Here’s one even the pros miss. Ever notice that your diverter valves or air control valves get harder to turn over time? Carefully disassemble the valve internals and lubricate the O-Rings and moving surfaces of the valve, which will restore them to like-new condition.

Use a waterproof PTFE grease like Lube Tube, since it stands up to hot water, chlorine, bromine, and other hot tub chemicals without washing away.

Lube Tube with various fittings
Waterproof and chemical resistant, Lube Tube has a place in every homeowners toolbox!

4. Check Ozonator/ UV Function Yearly.

Put this on your once-a-year checklist as well. Making sure your ozonator is working properly is key to using fewer chemicals in your hot tub. The easiest way to check ozone output is with an Ozone Test Kit. UV systems require only a simple bulb replacement yearly.

Ozone detection kit
Kits like this can tell you if ozone is being injected into your water in a snap!

5. Close The Air Control Valves When The Tub Isn’t In Use.

Air control valves mix air with water at the jets, creating a more powerful jet stream. These valves allow cooler air into the water, increasing the time needed to heat the tub.

Quick tip: Mark the closed position on your valve. This allows for quick visual verification and eliminates guessing if the valve is actually off.

Air control valve with marked on and off positions
Some Air Control Valves are already marked, making position verification simple.

Bonus Tip: Pool Noodle Cover Prop.

When the temperatures soar in the summer, your well-insulated hot tub and cover can overheat the water. To combat this, simply cut two, 12″ (or so) sections of pool noodle, and on one or both sides of the cover, place them between the cover and the shell. This will prop the cover open slightly, allowing the tub to vent and keep the water cool.

Do you have hot tub hacks you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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