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Extreme cloudy waterYou are a good water chemist. You always maintain the pH, TA, hardness, and sanitizer levels. You shock the water after each use, and do a drain and refill every 3-4 months.

Sometimes though, that just is not good enough, and on occasion, your water gets cloudy. Maybe you get an oily scum ring at the waterline as well. If so, it is time to try a good clarifier!

Clarifier types

Clarifiers work a couple of different ways to solve cloudy water issues. One method, flocculation/coagulation, grabs small particles in the water, sticking them together. Once the particles are trapped together and large enough, the filter can catch them.

Chitosan Natural Clarifier is an eco-friendly product, made from crab and shrimp shells recycled from the seafood industry. This ingenious product clears cloudy water using the flocculation method.

Chitosan Natural Clarifier is a reliable, friendly to the environment solution to your spa’s cloudy water problems.

Another method used to clarify water is with enzymes. Rather than sticking particles together, as with flocculation, enzymes actually consume organic and inorganic particles. Think of it as a zillion hungry Pac-Men clearing your water.

Natural Enzyme Concentrate is a super concentrated enzyme clarifier derived from plant sources. The enzymes consume non-living contaminants like body oil, lotions, cosmetics, and perspiration.

This product coupled with a Zorbo is an excellent way to prevent foam caused by these non-living contaminants.

Are these clarifiers compatible with my sanitizing system?

Both types are 100% compatible with all sanitizers. From traditional Bromine to alternative copper or silver-based based sanitizers, you are good to go!

When should I use clarifier?

You can use a clarifier as problems arise, or weekly, as a preventative measure against cloudy water. All of our Pro Supplies sanitizing kits include Chitosan Natural Clarifier, and we recommend using it weekly.

How do I use these clarifiers?

  • Chitosan Natural Clarifier: as a weekly preventative, use 1/2 oz. per 500 gallons. To clear occasional cloudiness issues, use 1 oz. per 500 gallons.
    Start with a clean filter and make sure all equipment is working properly. Add the recommended amount of clarifier to the spa, letting the water circulate for up to 24 hours. Clean the filter after 24 hours.
  • Natural Enzyme Concentrate: as a weekly preventative, use 1 oz. per 250 gallons. To clear occasional cloudiness issues, use 1 oz. per 250 gallons daily, until the problem is resolved. Note – do not use with or immediately after shocking. Use with sanitizer level under 5 PPM.

Clarifiers just might be the ticket if you have cloudy water problems, even with good water chemistry. If you have been chasing cloudy water, and want to learn more, read How to Fix and Prevent Cloudy Water.

As always, our talented customer care department is well versed in all water chemistry issues, and are only a call or E-Mail away!

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