8 Exclusive SpaDepot.com Hot Tub Products That Will Blow You Away!

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Let’s face it, maintaining your hot tub isn’t the easiest chore. Maybe you’re new to hot tubbing and don’t really know what to look for, or a seasoned pro who just doesn’t know that there are products that will make your life easier.

We’re all for helping people get the right products, and making lives easier. To that end, I’ve compiled these 8 great products that are truly game-changers. Have a look:

HydroMaster Hot Tub Draining Pump

HydroMaster hot tub draining pump
No more siphons or crazy waiting games to drain your spa!

You should be emptying your hot tub 3 to 4 times per year, which adds up to a lot of time waiting for the tub to drain. Enter the HydroMaster Drain Pump.

Now it’s possible to quickly and easily drain your spa with way less hassle than siphons, battery pumps or gravity drains. Simply screw on the 10’ Clear-View suction hose, put it in the water, plug in the pump, and drain your tub.

Submersible drainage pumps seem great, but we prefer not to put a plug-in device in our tub’s water, just to be safe. As a bonus, you can get your pump closer to an outlet without a dangerous extension cord.

Draining pump intake and drain
Now it’s quick and easy to drain your spa.

We even include a spare impeller, gasket, and brushes for years of extra service life. How can you beat that?


Dr. Tubbs Spaange no scratch grime gripper spa sponge
Dr. Tubbs approved!

When it comes to cleaning your hot tub, the very first thing you need is a good sponge. Our new and improved Spaange scrubs and polishes, but also have a fantastic absorbent sponge for applying cover protectant or shell polish.

The orange silicone side is our exclusive No-Scratch Grime Gripper, which literally erases dirt and grime from spa shells and covers. Our special design works in tandem with ecoTUB Spa Clean Spray for a perfectly clean finish without the elbow grease.

The super absorbent yellow side acts as a gentle applicator for shell polish or cover protectant. Sold in a super convenient 2 pack!

eco-TUB Spa Clean

eco-tub spa clean all surface hot tub cleaner
Spa Clean can be used on every surface of your spa.

Part of the new ecoTUB line, eco-TUB Spa Clean all surface spa cleaner replaces the old CLEAN-ALL. Spa Clean tackles the worst greasy hot tub grime without the need to drain the water after use. Even better, any over-spray actually improves water quality as it cleans!

We designed the entire ecoTUB line of products to be more powerful, yet environmentally friendly. No fragrances, dyes, or toxic chemicals, so it’s safe for use around the whole house.

Apply to hot tub shells, headrests & pillows, spa covers, cabinets, or any surface, and wipe it down with the Spaange scrubber sponge for a perfect finish. For waterline tub rings, simply spray on and scrub off with Spaange.


Zorbo floating hot tub & pool oil scum absorber
We didn’t hold back with our new design. You now get way more Zorbo for a lower price.

It’s time to ditch the foam Bugs, Balls, and Bricks. We took our already great Zorbo and gave it a complete redesign for the ultimate in oil scum absorbing power. We added more grease-fighting material, used a finer mesh, wrapped it around a flow-through core (just like the inside of your spa filter), and included a tether loop to keep it out of your skimmer.

zorbo floating in crystal clear hot tub water
No tub rings while Zorbo is on the job.

The increased thickness and layers of our special wicking material absorbs oils, lotions, and general scumminess while reducing odors and foam. Zorbo absorbs up to 15 times its weight in oil scum and residues but does not absorb water, so it never gets soggy. Put one or two or three on your shopping list today.

eco-TUB Scum Buster

eco-tub scum buster tub ring eliminator & water conditioner
Coconut Power!

Another ecoTUB improvement is our new formula of Scum Buster, the classic greasy, grimy hot tub ring and scum remover. Combine with a Zorbo for an extra boost and you will beat foam without a foam-down or foam-removing product as well. Simply add a little concentrate weekly and you’ll have cleaner spa water without the need for harsh chemicals.

We don’t add any dyes or fragrances to our non-toxic formula, so you can even dump your spa water on the lawn without harming the grass.

Power Soak

Power soak filter deep cleaner for spa & pool cartridges
Add this granular cleaner and a dirty filter to a 5 gallon bucket of water, and let it do all the work.

Filters are the hardest working component in your hot tub. You need a filter cleaner that works as hard as they do – enter Power Soak.

This is THE OFFICIAL super deep cleaning filter powder. Non-foaming with enzymes that simply eat away all the oils, residues, dirt, and grime. Your filters will look brand new! No dissolving cleaning tablets can get the clean that Power Soak can.

If you’ve been a big fan for years, no worries – the super-powerful formula is the same. What we changed is the label and container for easier instructions and a fancy new look.

perfectly clean filter being withdrawn from bucket after being soaked with power soak solution
Super clean, super easy!

eco-TUB Filter Soak

eco-tub filter soak liquid hot tub filter cartridge cleaner
Coconut powered liquid filter cleaner for the win!

eco-TUB Filter Soak is a new stronger, more concentrated liquid hot tub filter cartridge cleaner powered by coconut. Our spa-safe, non-foaming formula is incredibly effective at penetrating your filter without harsh chemicals.

Simply mix 1 cup of concentrate in a bucket with 5 gallons of water (warm water speeds the cleaning process), submerge the filter for 1 hour, rinse and allow the filter to air dry. The spent solution will not harm plants or shrubs either, so no worries!

eco-TUB Filter Spray Instant Cleaner

eco-tub filter spray instant spa filter cartridge cleaner
16 oz bottle, money saving 32 oz refill available.

No time to soak your filters? No problem, try eco-TUB Filter Spray. We made this new formula extra concentrated, so you get more bang for your buck and more time to soak in your tub, not soak a filter.

Simply spray your filter, let the cleaner work for 5 minutes, then rinse. Filters are immediately ready for reuse.

Like eco-TUB filter soak, this won’t harm plants or shrubs, so you can clean your filter practically anywhere a hose will reach.

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