How to Fit a New Pump to Your Spa – Video

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Well, now you’ve done it. You spent so much time fastidiously comparing your old hot tub pump’s dimensions and specifications to get a replacement. It was hard work, and it turns out it may have all been in vain because the pump discharge is pointing in the wrong direction!

Hold the phone though, I’m here to show you how to rotate that wet end on the motor to save the day!

Why the Heck is the Discharge Pointed up Anyways?

I hear it all the time, “Can’t you just clock the wet end 90° before you ship it?” While technically the answer is yes, I don’t for one simple reason: It will get damaged in transit.

All pumps get shipped with the discharge pointed up at 12 o’clock to minimize the potential for shipping damage.

Is Changing the Orientation of the Difficult?

You’re qualified to rotate a wet end if you can loosen and retighten bolts. The trick is knowing which bolts to loosen and tighten.

Keep in mind that some pumps can be different, but the following method works for 99% of pumps you may come across.

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