7 Best Hot Tub Massage Tips

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Massaging your honey in your hot tub can be a great Valentine’s Day treat for both of you to enjoy and unwind (really- all year long!). Touch is great way to share intimacy, appreciation, and connection. Benefits include: relaxation, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and irritability. The hot tub provides a safe, comfortable place to express your gratitude to your partner that they are in your life. 

Start with both of you getting comfortable and taking a few long, slow deep breaths.

1.   Back Scratch

Back scratching is a great way to have your partner melting in instant pleasure! Cover the entire back as well as the backs of the upper arms. (1-2 min).

2.  Neck Squeeze

We tend to carry a lot of tension in our upper back and neck, so this move encourages release. Interlace your hands and use the heels of your palms to pulse/squeeze their neck (upper and lower neck, 1-2 min). Ask if your pressure is good and adjust to their liking.

3.  Shoulder Massage

Situate yourself behind your partner and encourage them to lean their head to one side. (This lengthens the muscles of the top shoulder and neck) Use your hands or knuckles to massage this area- squeeze, circle, and knead for 1-2 min each side. This helps to increase circulation to this often tense region of the body.

4. Shampoo

Shake your fingers of excess water and begin a “scrubbing” or “shampooing” like motion on their scalp. Cover the entire head for 1-2 min. We have lots of nerve endings on our head. This should leave them purring!

5. Arm Squeeze

Hold your partners arm in one hand, and use your other hand to squeeze. Start at the wrist – squeeze, lower to forearm – squeeze, lower to upper arm – squeeze. Repeat a few more times and switch to other arm. This move helps their lymphatic flow, assisting immune function.

6. Hand Massage

Several options here for the hand massage:

    1. Interlace your fingers in theirs and slowly rotate their hand at the wrist, change directions.
    2. Use your hands to squeeze and knead their palm.
    3. Squeeze each individual finger above and below the knuckle, finishing with a squeeze on the finger tip.

7. Foot Massage

Saving the best for last – massage the feet!

    1. Hold the ankle with one hand and slowly rotate their foot at the ankle – both directions.
    2. Firmly squeeze the entire length of their foot (a light pressure can feel ticklish to some).
    3. Rotate your knuckle into the arch of the foot.
    4. Squeeze and pull each toe.

Use these massage tips to express your gratitude on Valentines Day, or any other day of the year. They are also great for:

  • Athletes – post exercise stretching to reduce soreness.
  • People aged over 50 to reduce or prevent stiff joints and tight muscles.
  • Busy people who will enjoy stretching while reducing stress.

For more details, order the DVD “Hot Tub Yoga and Massage – For Individuals and Partners”.

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