Replacing Worn-out Hot Tub Pillows

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Have you struggled with faded and stinky hot tub pillows? This is common, especially with built-in style headrests which stay in your hot tub even when it’s not being used. Over time, spa chemicals and wear and tear will cause your headrest pillows to fade, crack and harbor bacteria. This can lead to unpleasant odors and even cause your hot tub water to become cloudy.

How can you relax and enjoy your hot tub with that happening?

Replacing your original spa pillows can be tricky. Once your spa model goes out of production (replaced by a new model) the headrests also become discontinued. Any existing old stock will be extremely expensive. Don’t fret, there is a great solution!

The Stay-Put Adjustable Spa Pillows make it easy to fit your hot tub with long-lasting comfortable spa pillows.


Designed to eliminate the need for awkward counter weights, or inferior suction cups, the Stay-Put Pillows use the same style latch that comes on your spa cover.

Use the adjustable strap to find the perfect position for your pillow!

The Stay-Put Adjustable Pillows are made from premium marine grade vinyl and durable color matched outdoor thread.  Colors may vary than shown here. Please see our Stay-Put Adjustable Pillows product page.


After use, simply unclip the latch and remove the pillow.


Enjoy years of life and comfort from your Stay-Put Adjustable Spa Pillows.


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