How to Patch a Hole in Your Hot Tub Cover

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Tears or punctures in your spa cover don’t always justify ordering a brand new cover, but it is important to fix the tear to avoid further damage and keep moisture from getting in. Let’s walk through the steps to easily repair torn or punctured vinyl on your hot tub cover using a Spa Bond Leak Seal Patch Kit!

Cover tear
Don’t sweat it, this can be repaired!

Spa Bond is a durable, flexible, airtight patch that prevents further ripping or tearing by creating a strong bond to the vinyl material of your hot tub cover. It is clear and UV resistant so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb or yellow over time.

patched tear

Each Spa Bond kit comes with the following:

  • Two 2” x 4” Patches (can be trimmed to any size)
  • Two 4” x 4” Patches
Spa Bond Leak Seal patch kit

Step 1: Start With a Clean Surface

Clean the area around the tear with an alcohol pad to eliminate any residue that may prevent the adhesive from forming a strong bond. Spa Bond uses a unique adhesive that resists the oil in vinyl that causes other products to come loose and turn gummy over time.


Pro Tip: Make sure vinyl is thoroughly dry before applying the patch.

Step 2: Trim Spa Bond to Desired Size

Use scissors to cut the patch so that there will be at least one inch of patch beyond all edges of the tear. If you are using more than one patch, allow for patches to overlap by at least 1 inch.

cutting patch with scissors

Step 3: Apply Spa Bond Patch

Carefully peel back ½ an inch of the paper liner. Position and anchor the exposed edge of the patch allowing the patch to extend 1 inch beyond all edges of the tear.

Slowly peel back the liner while carefully applying the patch over the tear. Rub all edges to seal, then rub the entire patch aggressively to remove air bubbles and completely bond the patch to the vinyl.

patch application

For extra reinforcement, you can also repeat this process on the back side of the tear if you have access.

Important Note: If the tear or hole has also punctured the plastic wrap around your foam inserts, you must remove your vinyl jacket and patch the plastic.

patched tear

The Spa Bond Patch Kit also works great on pools, soft spa liner leaks, PVC plumbing leaks, and even acrylic spa shells.

Do you have a question about repairing your hot tub cover? Comment below!

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