7 Things you should never, ever do to your hot tub! (Number 5 will shock you!)

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Hot tubs are the ultimate relaxation machines, giving you so much, and asking for so little in return. Knowing how to maintain the spa is one thing, but here are 7, not so obvious, things you should never do.

1. Never leave your tub filled if you’re not going to maintain the water.

Spas left filled and un-maintained get funky, quick. If you’re leaving your tub unattended for weeks or months at a time, do your tub (and yourself) a favor by winterizing it.

Old unsanitized hot tub water with mold
Sub-optimal water conditions to say the least.

2. Never leave objects on your cover.

Objects such as pool toys collect heat from the sun and actually melt the foam of your cover directly underneath. Keep the cover cleared off and treat it with 303 Protectant monthly.

Cover foam melted by inflatable toy left on top.
This unfortunate cover had an air mattress left on top of it in the sun.

3. Don’t forget about your filters!

Rinse your filters with the garden hose weekly, and deep clean them at every water change with Power Soak. Don’t have time to soak your filters? Try ecoTUB Filter Spray instant filter cleaner. Simply spray it on, wait 5 minutes, and rinse.

Moldy filter due to lack of maintenance.
This is a real filter pulled out of a real hot tub. Grody.

4. Never operate a diverter valve with the pump running.

A diverter valve simply “diverts” water from one section of the tub to another at the turn of a handle. You’re going to run into trouble when you try turning this handle with 150+ gallons of water per minute flowing through it. The best-case scenario is a broken handle and the worst-case scenario is a geyser spewing out of your hot tub!

5. Don’t use your spa during extreme weather.

Ok, this is a no-brainer, right? Using your spa during a lightning or windstorm is probably not going to be relaxing. Guess what? Getting electrocuted definitely won’t. Just don’t do it.

Lightning bolts light up the night sky.
Not what you want to see when you’re hot tubbing…

6. Don’t use pool chemicals.

Chemicals formulated for pool use are typically extremely concentrated, for use in 20,000+ gallon bodies of water. Additionally, they’re not designed for use in hot water. Stick with chemicals formulated for use in hot tubs specifically.

7. Don’t over-sanitize your water.

Turns out, you can get too much of a good thing. High levels of sanitizer can wreak havoc on your hot tub components and cover. Make sure to follow the recommended sanitizer levels for your particular sanitizer. It’s not much work, especially when using a mineral sanitizer like Cleanwater Blue.

Extreme chemistry damage melted cover.
Too much bromine for too long caused this cover jacket to melt.

Anyone can make a mistake, and indeed it’s part of the learning process. Have you done something with your hot tub you wish you hadn’t? Leave your story below!

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