Fall in Love With Your Hot Tub

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This is the best season to soak away the long summer months and prepare yourself for the holiday chaos. We’ve compiled our best articles to help you fall in love with your hot tub again.

Fall Spa Maintenance


Let’s start with the hardest, ugliest part: Fall Spa Maintenance.

Each season should remind you to prep your spa with some clean water, soak your filter, protect the spa cover, and care for your cabinet!

  • Fresh water is essential to maintaining a healthy spa.
  • Soaking or replacing your filter is recommended at this time. Deep clean all the filter gunk that your bi-weekly spray wasn’t able to reach.
  • Your hot tub cover is important part to your spa to hold the heat and protect unwanted visitors from getting into the tub. Apply some protection to make it last through the harsh wind and rain coming soon.
  • Your spa cabinet is the largest part of what you see outside the tub, give it a little TLC. Wood cabinets may be refinished and synthetic wood panels should be cleaned and protected like the spa cover.

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Decorating Outside for Fall

Fall hot tub patio

Now that your spa is clean and ready for autumn, we recommend sprucing up the area with some fall foliage!

  • Mums are a popular fall flower that comes in many different colors.
  • Make a pumpkin flower pot to really get into the fall decorating spirit.
  • Outdoor seating by the hot tub could have a throw blanket and seasonal pillows to really set the mood and keep guests outside the spa warm.
  • Hot tub aromatherapy can be used while soaking to really get you to fall in love with fall again!

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Craft Stuff!

Painted jar candles

Mason jar decorating is hip, fun and inexpensive! Make some of these DIY Leaf Painted Jars.

  • Use some mason jars laying around or purchase them for under $10.
  • 3 fall colored spray paints such as Burnt Orange, Yellow/Gold, and Light Brown (purchase the smaller cans unless you see a use for them later)
  • Birdseed, dried corn, and/or dried beans
  • Leaves from your yard or local park
  • Check out the blog for the rest of the steps!

More about DIY Leaf Jars

What to Drink

Cocktails and nut mix

Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL), everything! Ok, maybe not for some but here are a few Fall-inspired cocktails you can enjoy without getting burnt out.

  • Cranberry-Spice Cocktail (for a mocktail, use regular cider and no liqueur or vermouth)
  • Pumpkin Pie Martini
  • Pear and Rosemary Cocktail
  • Bailey’s Carmel Appletini
  • The Mayflower – a delicious kid-friendly, alcohol-free thirst quencher!
  • Apple Ginger Sparklers

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Do you have any fall hot tub traditions to share? Leave a comment below!

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