Decorate Your Spa Area for Fall: Autumn Leaf Painted Jars DIY

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Fall is here and that means it’s time to enjoy your hot tub in the crisp cool weather!

The best way to relax in soothing warm water is with some fun seasonal decorations that make your hot tub feel like home. We’ve created a DIY that will be sure to make an enjoyable autumn environment around your spa or patio.
Painted Autumn Leaf Jars

You will need:

  • 3 Mason Jars
  • 3 of your favorite autumn paint colors (we used spray paint)
  • Filler such as bird seed or dried corn
  • A few fun shaped leaves of your choosing
  • Twine

Step 1

To get started, choose which leaf you would like to outline on your first jar.

autumn jar painting diy

Step 2

Use a few small rolls of tape to anchor your leaf to the jar, and begin painting.

Tip: You can use a stick to help pin the leaf to the jar while you are painting to avoid getting paint under your leaf outline.
autumn jar painting diy

Follow these same steps for the remaining two jars.
autumn jar painting diy

autumn jar painting diy

Step 3

Once your jars are painted, allow them to sit until the paint is thoroughly dried.

autumn patio decorating

Then, take your twine and wrap it around the neck of each jar a few times and end by tying a knot or bow. This will add a finishing touch and complete the look of the jar.
Decorating Around Your Hot Tub

Final Step

Fill your jars between a quarter and a half way full of the filler of your choice. We used sunflower seeds and dried corn to accentuate our fall theme.
Autumn Patio DIY

Autumn Patio DIY
Autumn Patio DIY

Add a tea light to your jars, light it, and enjoy the shining leaf silhouettes!

Tip: You could also use battery powered tea lights instead!
Completed Jar Candle Holders

Do you have a question or idea about fall decorating around your spa? Comment Below!

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