Hot Tub Handrails – The Guardian Spa Safety Rail

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For those looking for additional assistance getting in and out of the spa, the Guardian Hot Tub Handrail is an innovative and durable solution. Adjustable, sturdy and sleek, this spa safety rail is one of the most useful accessories you can add to your hot tub.
Guardian Hot Tub Handrail

Slide-Under Base

The Guardian’s extended length slide-under base allows for easy installation, and no need to screw into your hot tub cabinet.

To install, simply drain your spa, lift slightly and slide the mounting plate under the tub. Once full again the weight of the spa will anchor the handrail in place.

Swiveling Top Handle

The top rail of the Guardian is what truly makes this handrail unique. It is able to swivel to 4 different positions and lock into place for the safest entry and exit.

The lock knob is located high up on the rail and easily accessible from the inside of the spa. This allows you to effortlessly rotate the rail inward, eliminating awkward or unstable exit of your hot tub.

Beautiful & Built-to-Last Design

The Guardian is made from steel and uses stainless hardware, making it the most durable handrail you can buy. Complete with double baked-on graphite gray finish, it is visually appealing and made for long service life.

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  1. Wish my country will utilize it’s capacity to have a virile steel (ultimately stainless steel) industry.
    I will like to have a relationship with the sellers of this product above!


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