5 Great Fall Patio Decorating Ideas!

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Most people would agree that fall is one of the best times to enjoy your hot tub. As the weather cools and the leaves start to fall, spa owners everywhere begin to crave the warmth of their hot tubs. It’s time to switch out the summer decorations for some festive and inviting fall color. Here are some ideas to help you start decorating your patio in autumn style!

Fall Flowers

Flowers are a great way to add vibrant color to your hot tub area. Here are some great fall flowers for this chilly time of year:

  • New England Aster – Comes in pink, blue, white and green.
  • Perennial Sunflower – Provides gorgeous yellow blossoms through the fall.
  • Helenium – Comes in beautiful red, orange and yellow blossoms.
  • Chrysanthemums – A hardy and long lasting blooming fall plant that comes in nearly every color imaginable.

Creating a Pumpkin Flower Pot

No need to purchase new fall colored flower pots, use a pumpkin! 

To make your own pumpkin flower container, simply trace a circle 1” larger than your flower container: 

Cut around the dotted line and remove the top piece.

Next, scoop out the inside of the pumpkin, but save the seeds for roasting later!

After your pumpkin is scraped, insert your flower container into the pumpkin. It’s that simple!

Outdoor Seating in Comfort

By adding a throw blanket and pillows to your outdoor seating, you can create a warm and welcoming area for guests and family to enjoy.

Inexpensive Décor Ideas

Vintage wooden boxes, knick knacks and fall gourds are a great way to add autumn style to your outdoor space, without breaking the bank. We used an antique wooden box as a container for some chrysanthemums!

Get crafty! Select some of those fallen leaves in your yard and add flare to a table centerpiece or shelf.

Creating Ambiance

Enjoy your fall patio into the evening with outdoor candles and lights!

Selecting fall scented candles and hot tub aromatherapy fragrances such as apple delight and pumpkin pie add a festive ambiance to your outdoor space and hot tub experience.


Have your own tips for creating a beautiful autumn patio? Share your ideas by commenting below!

Happy fall!


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