Spa Cover FAQ’s – Your most pressing questions answered!

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Hot tub covers are the unsung hero of your hot tub. They keep all the yucky bugs, leaves, and other stuff out of the spa while keeping warm water inside from evaporating – which saves money.

Chances are if you’ve had your spa for more than 3 years, you are, or have been, in the market for a new cover. Here are 6 of the most commonly asked questions I get about covers:

How can I tell if my old spa cover needs replacement?

duct taped hot tub cover looks terrible
When duct tape is involved, it’s time to start looking for a replacement cover.

The main indicator of a failed spa cover is increased weight. Foam insulating cores saturated with water become heavy and lose practically all of their R-value.

Other indicators include not only general skiffs and scuffs, but also ragged vinyl due to rotten seams, poor seal around the spa perimeter, center hinge gaps, torn handles/straps, and more.

Will a new spa cover reduce water heating costs?

Nice looking cover with icicles coming off of the under side
While this cover looks good, it’s poor seal around the tub rim is an energy waster.

Absolutely! Foam cores saturated with water have ZERO insulating value.  That steam you see rising from your cover is just like dollars leaving your wallet.

You’re paying to heat your spa water, so keeping that heat in the tub is the name of the game. We all know that heat rises, so the best way to insulate your spa, to save money, is to put on a quality spa cover.

A quality replacement cover can easily pay for itself in energy savings alone.

How long should a hot tub cover last?

With correct care and maintenance, covers typically last from 5-7 years. Periodic cleaning and protecting the cover with the right products goes a long way toward extending its life.

chemical damaged hot tub cover
The telltale signs of chemical damage: the vinyl is badly faded and the core vapor barrier is totally wasted.

High sanitizer levels like bromine, chlorine, and ozone attack the insulating core vapor barrier, reducing its effectiveness. Ultimately, this vapor barrier breakdown leads to water intrusion of the foam, at which point cover replacement is the only option.

How can I make my cover last longer?

bubble blanket laying on top of hot tub water
A floating blanket helps retain water heat, reducing steam that can damage your cover over time.

Periodic cleaning and protecting the cover with the right products goes a long way to extending cover life. Maintaining correct sanitizer levels and leaving the cover off for half an hour after adding chemicals helps tremendously.

In addition to basic cover care, get yourself a quality cover lifter. This will not only encourage you to use the spa by making access easier, but it will also keep the cover from getting scratched on the ground.

Learn how to select a cover lifter for your spa here.

Do you have spa covers in stock?

With so many manufacturers and spas made throughout history, there is just no feasible way to have covers in stock. We’d have to have a warehouse the size of a city!

Rather than fill a warehouse with a million covers, we custom make them to order. This ensures proper fit, beautiful color choices, and additional options and upgrades.

hot tub cover being finished at the factory
Another beauty headed out to a lucky customer.

How do I measure my spa for a new cover?

nice new cover with flowers behind it
The perfect fitting cover not only saves you money, but enhances the look of your entire back yard.

Covers are generally pretty easy to measure for, but there are some things to know. Things like corner radius and measuring for an octagon or 4 cut corner spa usually throw people through a loop.

Check out our comprehensive set of measuring guides. Simply choose your cover shape, print the pdf, and use it to take your measurements.

If you still have questions, give us a call! Even if you get a cover somewhere else, we’re happy to help you make sure you get a properly fitting cover.

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