Adding an Ozonator to Your Spa Made Simple

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Installation of an ozonator is easy and results in less chemical use, which is great. Wait, what’s that? Your hot tub doesn’t have an ozonator?

Well, you’re in luck, because they’re really easy to install. Let’s take a look at what’s involved.

What is an ozonator and why do I need one?

Simply, ozonators convert oxygen into ozone, which then oxidizes contaminants. Good stuff, right? That means you’ll end up using less sanitizer to maintain the same water quality.

Most spas are ozone ready, meaning they have an electrical output for the ozonator and a place in the plumbing to insert an ozone injector. Even if your spa doesn’t have these things, you can still install an ozonator and reap the benefits.

Preparing for installation

If you’re replacing an existing ozonator in your hot tub, you’ll want to verify its voltage and plug type. Simply note the voltage (120V / 240V or maybe it’s dual voltage) and take a picture of the plug and its pins so you can compare the plug types on the ozonator page. At this point, you have enough information to order your replacement ozonator kit.

clarathon hcd-55 high output ozone generator kit for hot tubs
It’s a beaut!

If your spa doesn’t already have an ozonator, you’ll want to give the technical department at a call at 800-823-3638 when you have a moment near your tub. They’ll ask you a couple of questions and send out all the right parts for the job.

Installation in ozone ready spas

If you are simply replacing an existing ozonator, installation is the opposite of removal. A couple of key notes though:

  • Replace the check valve (do not buy an ozonator kit that doesn’t include this vital piece of hardware)
  • Replace any ozone line that looks cloudy or brittle
  • The power cord may plug directly into the spa computer board, or into a receptacle on the spa pack, depending on what control system you have

Installation in non-ozone ready spas

A simple way to hook up the line is to use an ozone injector. The injector is placed into a jet water line, typically 3/4″ I.D. tubing. The water flow provides suction through venturi action, which draws ozone into the spa.

Simple, eh?

This method is very effective for dispersing ozone. Select a jet as near the bottom of the spa as possible, for maximum water contact. Make sure to observe the flow orientation, as noted on the injector.

The ozone line should be double-looped above the waterline (called a Hartford loop). Installation of the supplied air check valve is critical to help prevent water intrusion into the ozonator.

If you really want to get an A+ on your installation, install an Ozone Turbo Mixer after the venturi injector. This will further dissolve ozone before it reaches the water.

Do you have ozone questions? We’ve got ozone answers! Shoot our technical department an email: or leave your comments below.

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