The Quick and Easy Guide to Customizing Your Spa

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You’ve had your spa for a while and now the honeymoon is over. You have to live with this thing from here on out, so why not keep the magic alive with a few cheeky upgrades?

There are lots of accessories for your hot tub out there, but here are a few of the best bang for the buck options to get the most out of your spa.

Spa Cover Lifters

beautiful spa with covermate 3 cover lifter
This spa will be easy to get into and use!

For most folks, the biggest hurdle to using the tub is the difficulty or inconvenience of taking the cover off. Look – if it’s cold and windy, you don’t want to spend minutes in your swimsuit fumbling around with an unruly cover.

Fortunately, cover lifters are here to save the day. From simple, inexpensive cover slides to more sophisticated hydraulic lifters, making your life easy is as simple as a stop at

Don’t know which lifter will work best with your spa? Check this article out on how to choose a spa cover lifter.


Step up your spa game!

Okay, I don’t know about you, but as I get older I feel like I need a little boost getting into the tub. Hot tub steps are the perfect accessory to help you access your spa.

Steps come in all different heights, widths, and load ratings, so make sure you keep in mind your needs and the needs of your fellow bathers.  

Spa Side Table

spa side table
Delightfully refreshing, no?

Drinks and snacks are important to everyone, but maybe more so to hot tubbers. Seriously, you wouldn’t want to get dehydrated or hungry while you’re enjoying your spa, would you?

Enter the Spa Caddy Hot Tub Side Tray. Now you can have all manner of drinks, snacks, and whatever else you may need right next to you.

Floating Thermometer

The good kind of floater in your hot tub.

Alright, this one is more of a safety tool than a fun accessory, but safety is important. Thermostats can vary by a few degrees, so your top-side control reading may be slightly higher than the water in the spa.

Testing water independently from your spa controls using a thermometer will ensure you don’t get yourself into hot water, literally (warm water is what we’re shooting for).

Floating Bubble Blanket

Resist the temptation to pop the bubbles.

Floating bubble blankets are money savers, plain and simple. They save money in 2 ways:

  1. They add an extra layer of insulation that helps the water retain heat
  2. They sacrifice themselves to chemicals so your spa cover can live longer

The best part? They’re cheap! Starting at $29.95, you can’t afford not to have one.


Antimicrobial filter
Hey, nice filter!

Hot tub filters are arguably the hardest working component in your spa. They screen out all the gross bits humans leave in the water so you’re not bathing in a petri dish.

You should be rinsing your filters weekly (here’s a pretty great tool), deep cleaning them every water change, and replacing them yearly.

Clarathon filters have been leading the charge in both advanced technology materials and cost savings. You cannot buy a better filter than Clarathon at any price, and we sell them for much less than the competition.

Hand Rail

Hot tub hand rail
Safety first!

Along with the additional security steps provide, handrails will change your world if balance isn’t exactly your jam anymore. I’d argue that they’re so affordable and so easy to install that you have no reason to not have one.

Here’s a quick read about our Guardian Hot Tub Handrail if you’re still not a believer.

Now, just one thing left: Get out there and enjoy your spa!!

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